Friday, November 3, 2017

moving forward november 2017

life to my simple mind, is not about being rich, famous or even free, it has a singular purpose & aligning myself with this purpose is now my goal.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

yip trip and the wonkus weskus whale

a huge whale washed up on muizenberg beach yesterday - exactly infront of where i live. what was incredible is the huge bites out its back from several monster great white sharks. another interesting observation for me - was whilst the whale was in the water it was very stretched out - however when it was beached the whale shrunk and became a huge rectangular block in shape - it was like triple the size vw kombi. the huge tongue and front end looked really strange out of water. it could have been a futuristic black bus - i had never seen such a strange once living shape before.

i decided this whale would have a better ending in the yip trip story of the wonkus weskus whale - yip living in grebnezium at least learns from each new visitor to the shoreline. this whale has interesting design lessons to teach yip and the folk of grebnezium.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

yip trip wildetect style skateboard

yip trip - inspired wildetect skateboard - muizenberg is a seaside village in cape town ,  - yip trip lives in grebnezium - a seaside village in nwot apec - the skateboard is inspired by both our wild untamable african continent and yip's - yip trip prefers to call it the nacirfa continent - you see we think a little differently here - and if its backwards to you - then your most welcome to join in. oh its a draobetaks in grebnezium and its designed by the stcetedliw. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

QJD design studio

to get hold of QJD to send through a catalogue and price list of yip trip a grebnezium creative kid - write to

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

yip trip t-shirts

QJD design studio a muizenberg based studio , erxell and the wildetecture brand are selling off t-shirts - email for an order form.

yip trip design ideas

the concept of the yip trip children's story is that through collaborative innovative design, good  ideas are shared. grebnezium (muizenberg backwards)  gets incredible buildings, furniture  and improved systems. each new character that washes up on grebnezium beach from around the world , before heading home again will bring a very different design concept to the table - these design ideas will improve the landscape of grebnezium. to see the types of architectural and furniture ideas - look at the pictures. concepts like architectural musical interludes, shadow projected architecture, fingerprint city ideas, disintegration of perspective, perceived kinetic architecture and earth branded architecture. funky charlie chit chat chairs , creative art pods and much more.